A6 from Heidelberg


Here you will soon find a road map for visualization, please be patient.



  • On A6 take exit 42 Kupferzell
  • Continue on B19
  • Turn right after "Schwäbisch Hall West"
  • Stay on this road until you see "Lidl" at a large intersection
  • At this Lidl-junction turn left into Stuttgarter Straße
  • There you drive down the valley towards the city centre
  • Where the roadway narrows, you will see the garage entrance on your left, which leads to the staircase of the pension
  • To get to the parking lots drive straight on for approx. 100 metres on Stuttgarter Straße
  • Directly after the railway bridge turn left into the steep road to the "ASV-Halle"

Way from the parking lot to the guesthouse

  • To us it is approx. 3 walking minutes

  • After parking, go back down to Stuttgarter Straße

  • Please go (because of a building site) to the other side of the street

  • Turn right out of town (under the massive bridge, then follow the path)

  • After the construction site, cross the road across the roadway island to get to the garage entrance leading to the pension's staircase